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Hard Money Loans

Term: Up to 5 years.
Prepayment: None
Loan To Value: Up to 75%.
Rates:From 9% per annum.
Fees: As low as 3%.
Loan Size: $1 Million - $50 Million
Collateral: Real estate and liquid assets.
Property Types:
Multifamily, Condo, Office, Retail, Hotel,
Industrial, Mixed-use, Land.

Bridge Loans

Loan Amount: $5 million +
Loan Term:1 to 3 years.
Amortization:  Case-by-case basis. 
Min. DSCR: 1.10 “As Is”; 1.20 – 1.25 /exit
Lower DSCRs considered if payment supported by pre-funded interest reserves or guarantees
LTV: Up to 80%
LTC:  80% as measured by new cash equity in the transaction
Interest Rate: Generally 6-9%
Recourse:  Standard carve-outs
Eligible Properties: Multifamily, office, retail, industrial, hospitality and student housing projects located in strong markets with positive demographic, population and employment trends
Tax & Insurance Escrows: Deposits Req.
Reserves: Monthly deposits required
Recourse: Non-recourse
Prepayment  Generally permitted

Bridge & Hard Money Loans

Typical closing time: 7-21 days