Unsecured Business Loans $50k -$2.0 Million

1) Business - Short term 10 month loan payments (ACH) deducted weekly. Ideal for payroll or maximizing a current order to fulfill.

2) Business 1-3 year loans with added UCC Lien on Real Estate owned

3) Individual - either scenario 1 or 2 may or may not be offered.

Required Documents: Lable all docs and make sure they are legible PDF's. NO PICTURES

  • Voided Check
  • Application - sign with a pen and date
  • Business License
  • Last 6 months business statements
  • AR / AP reports
  • 8821 Tax guard (Sign with a pen)
  • 2 Years Business and personal tax returns (and extensions)
  • Authorization 
  • Driver's license (front and back)

Please submit all to corporate@capitalpalm.com

Please call your representative before-hand. 


(unsecured) Business Loans

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