Loan Amount: $5,000,000 – $250,000,000

Loan Term: 5-10 Years

Amortization: Interest only of up to 10 years in select instances with amortization (if any) typically 30-Years

Minimum DSCR: 1.25x

Maximum LTV: Up to 80% of appraised value

Interest Rate: Competitive, typically swap-based pricing

Eligible Property Types: Multifamily, mobile home park, office, retail, industrial, hotel, self-storage, garage, and other similar property types

Eligible Markets: All U.S. markets

Eligible Borrower: Special-purpose entity required

Reserves: Tax, Insurance, Retenanting Costs and Replacement Reserves typically required

Recourse: Permitted after a typical lock-out period, subject to defeasance.

Yield Maintenance: available at premium pricing.

Prepayment: Monthly deposits required

Assumability: Permitted subject to lender approval and an assumption fee

Security: First-lien mortgage

Processing Fee & Expense: Deposit Typically, $15,000-$20,000

processing fee. Expense deposit adequate to cover third-party reports, legal fees and other customary costs.

Origination Fee: generally one

In-place Subordinate Debt If provided by affiliate and structured in accordance with CMBS standards.

Future Subordinate Debt May be allowed in accordance with CMBS standards.



(Commercial Mortgage Back Securities)

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