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The team behind Capital Palm Partners has many years of commercial lending experience and institutional knowledge that delivers expert consulting and advisory service to the commercial loan borrower.  This being said, when clients come to us for a traditional commercial real estate loan, our team evaluates that request and looks to see if it meets the 6-C's of commercial mortgage lending, which are:

Capital:        Company’s capitalization, reserves, statement, net worth, etc.
Capacity:      Borrowers should demonstrate the ability to repay the loan.
Cash flow:    Borrowers should show a debt-service-coverage ratio of at least 1.30 and above
Character:    Borrower's character, integrity and professionalism.
​Condition:    Business analysis and valuation, as well as a feasibility study of competition and the marketplace.
Collateral:     Borrowers should provide a strong collateral consideration and other securities.

When applying for a more conventional loan, your documentation should include the following:

(1) The project’s executive summary and history,

(2)  Financial statements of the borrower and the business, 

(3) Schedules of real estate owned,

(4) A summary page of any recent appraisals,

(5) Details of paid-to-date costs and costs to complete, and 

(6) Pro forma cash flow. Other documents may be required as well.

Our commercial loan knowledge just doesn't stop with traditional commercial real estate loans, it extends outwards to other products, such as: