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Program Features:

  • Faster, less expensive appraisals
  • No interest on Rehab Funds in Escrow
  • More Capital than other lenders
  • Up to 90% LTC for clients with 7+ flips, builds or active rentals in the last 2 years


1. We conduct desktop valuations for loans <$250K for single family residences and town homes. No Commercial properties. Mixed-use properties are eligible for fix-n-flip as long as the commercial space is less than 25%.

2. Size of credit line is determined based on borrower net worth and liquidity. We require net worth to equal 40% of credit line amount and liquidity to equal 10% of credit line amount.

3. Loans are subject to investor and business credit approval, appraisal and geographic location of the property and other underwriting criteria.

4. Loan amounts and rates may vary depending upon loan type, LTV, verification of application information and other risk based factors.

5. Application fees, closing costs and other fees may apply. 

6. Minimum loans start at $2.5M for LOC

7. Maximum ARV is 75%

8. Minimum credit score is 620

​9. Rates vary -  usually between 7 - 12%

10: All liens will be in 1st position.

11. Loans options: up to 30 years fixed-rate mortgages

12. Loan applications must be under a LLC, but all loans are personally guaranteed by individual.

13. State Restrictions: No-  MI, VT, AZ, ID, ND, SD, CA, NC

Line Of Credit for Real Estate Investors (LOCREI)

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