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Mergers/Acquisition space for both larger and smaller transactions under $1M that we are funding.

We have a new funding program for smaller acquisitions below 1M that can assist you or your client's in acquiring another business.

Here are some of the basic criterion of the program:

  • 5 years operating history in the space that you are looking to acquire the business
  • 5-7 year terms on the acquisition financing
  • Can be used for partner buyouts, owner buy-ins, stock or asset acquisitions
  • Multiple credit facilities for the same company- ie- buying different locations
  • Business you are acquiring must be doing at least 250k in revenue
  • Minimum Credit Score of 630
  • Program provides 70% of the purchase price with the new owner required to put down a minimum of 20% cash. Seller can carry a note if needed but the 20% cash down payment in non negotiable.

This program is perfect for the following industries:

  • Doctors practices or anything healthcare related
  • Auto Shops
  • Liquor Stores
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Manufacturing
  • IT Companies
  • Professional Services- such as Lawyer, CPA or Engineering firms
  • Machine Shops
  • Hotel and Motels

If you have interest in buying or merging with another company, and need financing, please complete the form below so that one of our M & A Financing specialists can speak with you further.


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